JSON API - Getting Started

    This documentation is for developpers who wants to use the JSON API endpoints.
    If you are searching for the GraphQL version click here.

    This API is only available in HTTPS (HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS)

    • Every request MUST be GET requests.
    • the API returns JSON responses in the body
    • We use standard HTTP response codes
    Everything is Open Source !


    The JSON API have multiple SDKs available to easily connect/cache/fetch informations from the API.

    By using the Select Button in the top right, you can change the SDK to the one you want to use.

    We currently have the following SDKs:

    V1 Deprecation

    V1 was deprecated in february 2021, after 1 year of work handling around 200k requests per month And was completelly removed after 6 month in deprecation with every SDKs working with the v2

    Base URL


    The API is available in multiple languages

    • en For English cards
    • fr For French cards
    • de For German cards
    • es For Spanish cards
    • it For Italian cards
    • pt For Portuguese cards

    SDK specific informations

    have cURL installed on your computer