JSON API - Get a single card /v2/:lang/cards/:item


idCard Unique IDString
localIdCard Local IDString or Number
nameCard NameString
imageCard Image (see Assets)String
categoryCard category (Pokemon, Energy, Trainer)String
illustratorCard illustratorString
rarityCard rarityString
variantsThe possible variants of this card (see below)Object
variants.normalCard available without any shinesBoolean
variants.reverseCard available in Reverse (colored background is shining)Boolean
variants.holoCard available in Holo (picture is shining)Boolean
variants.firstEditionCard has a small 1st edition in the middle leftBoolean
setBasic informations about the card setSetResume
dexIdThe National Pokedex ID of the pokémons on the cardArray of Number
hpThe Pokémon HPNumber
typesThe types of the PokémonArray of String
evolveFromThe Pokémon name it evolve fromString
descriptionthe card description (generally in the bottom right)String
levelThe Pokémon Level (if it's a lv.X the level is X)String
stageThe Pokémon StageString
suffixThe Card suffixString
itemThe Pokémon ItemObject
item.nameThe Item nameString
item.effectThe Item effectString


	"category": "Pokemon",
	"id": "swsh3-136",
	"illustrator": "tetsuya koizumi",
	"image": "https://assets.tcgdex.net/en/swsh/swsh3/136",
	"localId": "136",
	"name": "Furret",
	"rarity": "Uncommon",
	"set": {
		"cardCount": {
			"official": 189,
			"total": 201
		"id": "swsh3",
		"logo": "https://assets.tcgdex.net/en/swsh/swsh3/logo",
		"name": "Darkness Ablaze",
		"symbol": "https://assets.tcgdex.net/univ/swsh/swsh3/symbol"
	"variants": {
		"firstEdition": false,
		"holo": false,
		"normal": true,
		"reverse": true,
		"wPromo": false
	"hp": 110,
	"types": [
	"evolveFrom": "Sentret",
	"description": "It makes a nest to suit its long and skinny body. The nest is impossible for other Pokémon to enter.",
	"stage": "Stage1",
	"attacks": [
		"cost": [
		"name": "Feelin' Fine",
		"effect": "Draw 3 cards."
		"cost": [
		"name": "Tail Smash",
		"effect": "Flip a coin. If tails, this attack does nothing.",
		"damage": 90
	"weaknesses": [
			"type": "Fighting",
			"value": "×2"
	"retreat": 1,
	"regulationMark": "D",
	"legal": {
		"standard": true,
		"expanded": true